Restoring a Louis Sullivan Landmark – Part 1

The Legacy
August 21, 2023 by
Restoring a Louis Sullivan Landmark – Part 1
Heritage Tile, Keith Bieneman

We are uniquely privileged to assist a wide range of clients working to authentically restore their period homes in historic neighborhoods across the US.  Preserving the integrity of these properties, both inside and out, acknowledges their value as inspiring examples of enduring craftsmanship in the architectural design and building trades of our forebears.

In the process of this work, our clients share their stories about their home; we get to know the community, the history, and the values shared by the homeowners in their particular neighborhood.  The relationships we develop with our clients over the course of designing their tile projects imbues our work with a sense of purpose and gratitude.

We recently had the chance to work on a historic landmark in our own neighborhood—the Bradley House, designed by renowned architects Louis Sullivan and George  Elmslie, creating an exceptional opportunity to share an intimate, firsthand experience as we document this tile restoration over the next few weeks with our extended community of preservation e​nthusiasts.

The Bradley House is located in the University Heights neighborhood of Madison in Frank Lloyd Wright’s home state of Wisconsin.  Louis Sullivan’s relationship with Wright, as his first employer and mentor, was both profound and complex.  

This first professional experience gave the younger architect the direction necessary to follow in the footsteps of an architectural master, while still allowing him to find his own path.  While in Wright's employment, working on Sullivan's own side projects lead to the ambitious architect’s subsequent dismissal—opening a whole new chapter in his career.

Keep an eye on our blog to learn more about our restoration journey at the Bradley House. Don't want to miss an update? Follow us on Instagram as the story continues!

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