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Experience It Program for Architects & Designers

The Experience It kit puts our tiles and accessories into action. Developed for architecture and interior design professionals, our kits, also known as e-kits, brings the showroom experience to life as a comprehensive sustainable resource library. 

From private homes to large commercial installations, Subway tiles are used in a variety of interesting ways. Experience the historically authentic tile work of pre-war America defined by pencil-thin grout lines, perfectly flat surfaces, soft radius corners, integrated ceramic accessories, and beautiful porcelain mosaic floors. Subway tiles are a timeless addition to many types of residential and commercial spaces with an unlimited assortment of color palettes, finishes, patterns, trims, and edges. 

Created to inspire smart tile solutions for everyday purposes, E-kits helps evaluate the next steps in the building process. They’re essential for designers and developers, as it gives a deeper understanding to the project without getting bogged down with the logistics. By requesting one of our E-kits, you’ll have additional knowledge directly from our design and build team at your disposal.

Looking for an Art Nouveau inspired design? What about a herringbone pattern? E-kits include sample boards, design guides, style concepts, and informational materials that will answer your questions about the completion of your project.

When you choose Subway Ceramics, you are working with historical integrity. Most designs and patterns come directly from the early 1900s. Many of the tiles we produce would have likely been seen in a 1920s household, and are 100% historically accurate. 

In the Subway Ceramics E-kit, we showcase Subway Ceramic installations in commercial spaces like restaurants and bars as well as residential projects like bathrooms and kitchens. E-kits also explain the finer details. Your kit will highlight accent glaze information, field tiles versus liner tiles, cap mouldings, the glaze palettes of individual series, and show real-life examples of subway tile installations from previous projects. 

Our E-kits showcase several of our tile series including Subway Ceramics, Subway Mosaics, Zen + Clay, and Shadow Tile. The kits will explain what color palettes compliment each other, along with patterns and designs that showcase the best of what Subway Ceramics has to offer.

Download the Subway Ceramics e-kit Catalog or browse concepts below.

Ready for your e-kit? E-kits can be checked out of our online sustainable resource library. Our library holds dozens of E-kits that you can mix and match for your latest project. Subway Ceramics may compliment Subway Mosaics, for instance, as both designer series can be used to recreate the look of your favorite historical design. All E-kits are free for your use.

E-kits are yours to keep or return using the mailing label you will receive in your E-kit. If you also want free sample cards, click here. Sample cards are individual cards that give you a good idea of what specific tile options can enhance your project. Sample cards work well with our e-kits as a supplementary tool.

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